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Biopalm Energy | Sustaining growth in palm oil sector

In line with the objective of diversifying into high-growth sectors, SIVA Group’s foray into large-scale agriculture viz., oil palm plantations through its associate Biopalm Energy, has seen substantial progress within the first two years of inception.

Biopalm Energy has been focusing on developing green-field oil palm projects and acquiring existing palm plantations in Africa [mainly Liberia, Sierra Leone, Côte d'Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cameroon and Mozambique], Asia [Indonesia and Papua New Guinea] and South America.

Combining technological expertise in the agro industry with strong business acumen, a true hallmark of SIVA Group, Biopalm Energy is swiftly emerging as a formidable market participant in plantation, sustainable production and distribution of Crude Palm Oil [CPO].

Biopalm Energy would conduct all its operations in strict adherence with the principles and criteria as specified by RSPO [Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil].

Biopalm’s vision is to become the largest global player in the production of sustainable palm oil, while ensuring the economic and social welfare of all the stakeholders involved including local communities, employees, distributors and end customers.

The geographic expansion plans of the company are carefully mapped out to bring together:

  • Best of synergies and economies of scale.
  • Strong local partnerships.
  • An integrated supply chain management system with global reach.
  • A win-win business model that ensures inclusive growth of the local community.
  • Ensuring community development funds for social development.

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